The Intra Oral Scanner

Dreams come true ...

Dreams come true ... Intra oral  three-dimensional digital measurement allows for the reception.
Most of the patients receiving oral prosthetic measure of the current methods of nausea and vomiting occure.
The newly developed to measure this device is no longer vanish from the mouth.
All prosthodontic procedures is a good start to work, undergo a good measure. Today, measuring purchase of prosthetic purposes,
measurement techniques in measuring materials has so many details. There were no alternative to custom-made mouth over the years today
intra oral scanners eliminate mesurement from mouth. Measurement material mistakes, spoon incompatibilities, plaster, and after occure errors eliminates
completely.Patient mouth  exact and complete measurement confirm , your technician see your digital measurement in a seconds
in their screen and allow to start processing.
Patients were considered to be in the approval by the intra-oral scanners,
impression material faster freezing time
Shaken, procedures such as washing away, offers a disturbing stance stand out from the applications.
Like similar products on the market before scanning without the need to spray the powder into the mouth.
Repeatedly scan where you left re-start.

Design of fixtures in the future of dentistry began to take intra-oral scanner
later time without having the opportunity to make investments for the future.

Product Features and Benefits:

Faster results than traditional measurement acquisition
More precise measurements and more accurate results in clinical
Measurement repetitions eliminated
Reduction of problems of adaptation
Measurement process and the accompanying materials and equipment are not necessary

3D technology for making dental prosthesis,
The newly developed oral measurements now to get this device vanish.

3D intraoral scanner device and the method of taking measurements in the upper and lower jaw teeth are digitally scanned and
Obtained as a result of this screening model, the computer measures required for the prosthesis is transferred to the computer

Physical models are produced with 3D Printer and 5 axis machines .Dental technicians
make their laboratuuary works on this models.
dental technicians produce more sensitive , and gingiva-compatible prosthese.

On this method  model measurement of the upper and lower jaw can be more clear so
the dental protheses will be fit better.The patient's mouth can be more clearly a better fit for the precision dentures.
Reflex is also economical for nausea at the time of measurement will be more comfortable for the patients